Strategic creative group ATK PLN has teamed with Texas-based energy company Oncor, for the new #KeepAwayFromPowerLines campaign, which aims to raise awareness for power line safety. The campaign introduces Oncor’s newest safety heroes, Volt and Buck, created by ATK PLN with inspiration drawn from original sketches by the team at NonPareil Institute, an organization dedicated to building better futures for adults with autism. The animated PSA will appear online and in select Texas broadcast markets as part of an educational roadshow presented by Oncor. The roadshow will bring the piece to Texas elementary schools with the aim of reaching over 30,000 students in 2018. The video is intended to raise awareness of Oncor’s mission to reach, inform, and educate children on power line safety.


Click HERE to watch the video.


This project was seamlessly produced by ATK PLN, with help from its Golden Globe-nominated sister feature film animation company, Reel FX Animation. ATK PLN fused it’s in-house design and creative offerings with the high-level animation expertise of Reel FX to deliver the feature-quality short to the Texas energy company. The educational spot shows a young girl pedaling down the road, rain pouring down on her, when suddenly she comes across a downed power line and halts in panic. After she calls for help, two Oncor trucks come to her safety–not only aiding her with the power line, but singing along to a safety song with instructional lyrics on how to deal with dangerous power lines.




Client: Oncor

Production: ATK PLN

Head of Production: Jim Riche

Executive Producer: Marvin Robinson

ECD: Jose Gomez

Creative Director: Barrett Lewis

CG Supervisor: Patton Tunstall

Technical Supervisor: Jon Speer

Producer: Justin Skerpan

Animation: Dorian Soto, Ray Chase, John Durbin

Light/Comp Artists: Jeff Masters, Shannon Walsh

Modelers: Casey Kreft, Nathan Smithson, Sing Khamnouane

Lead Surfacing Artist: Meghann Robinson

Surfacing Artist: Megan Schaffer

Rigging Supervisor: Eric Baker

Rigging: Dan McCrummen, James Direen, Ryan Porter

Layout Supervisor: Joe Johnston

Layout Artist: Shane Wapskineh

Editorial Assistant: Steven Happel

Flame Artist: Mike Roy




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