Interview With Creative Director & Composer, Nick Crane

By Jodi Krangle


Courtesy: Jodi Krangle


Nick Crane has been making music since he was 8 and making movies since he was 11. In 2019, he launched Racket Club–a boutique music production studio. Nick’s had the pleasure of working with Nike, Verizon, Ford, and others. Racket Club also creates scores for short films and his most recent score released in April of 2020.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Nick’s background and how he got into this work
  • What his business, Racket Club does differently
  • The struggle of making money in the music industry these days
  • What artists bring to a company’s branding
  • How he works with brands and artists
  • What we’ve seen as a trend in COVID responses from brands
  • Some of the challenges of doing audio work


Click HERE to listen to the episode.