We love LA: How these companies pitch LA to techies

Southern California has a lot going on. For some it’s the beach; for others, it’s geography. Some people like the beach and the geography, but stay for the weather. When it comes down to it, living in LA sells itself.

Local tech companies know this, and as they expand their teams, they’re using their LA headquarters as a way to pitch applicants to join them.



VR Playhouse is a VR and AR media company based in Glassell Park. The company works with brands to develop unique experiences in virtual and augmented reality, as well as creating original content of its own. According to COO and co-founder Ian Forester, LA’s diversity makes it a great place to be.

What makes LA the place to be?

“I love the variety of the LA economy,” Forester said. “It’s one of the few places in the world that can support a truly professional creative class, and because it’s so competitive, those who can make it here are of a very high-caliber, both creatively and professionally. Add to that a gig economy that requires frequent cross-collaboration and you have a perfect recipe for attracting the creativity, grit and diversity required to innovate in a medium that requires so many different skills. I think it makes a lot of sense that VR has taken hold here the way it has and I see that trend continuing for some time.”

Why would someone want to work for VR Playhouse?

“VR is a fast-paced and expanding medium of self-expression using technology,” he said. “As an independent company, we offer our employees flexibility and creativity in their work day, as well as an inspiring environment surrounded by other A-players who are hard at work solving difficult problems. Every project we do is different, every day presents new challenges, and for those who want to think laterally and combine interests in art and technology, we offer a great working environment.”

What does VR Playhouse look for in applicants?

“We look for highly motivated, organized, creative thinkers and doers,” he said. “The people who thrive here are those who can create their own structure and motivate themselves toward excelling in creative work. Our perfect match is someone who is a real switch-hitter when it comes to right-brain/left-brain thinking. We’re constantly balancing our latest, coolest ideas with the realities of the current market, so a candidate who can work both of those lanes to identify and drive value for the company is ideal. We value self-expression, unconventional thinkers, and those who lead the way in passionate pursuits.”



We Fly Coach is a global media company with 10 offices around the world. The company represents a number of directors, offering everything from comedy to docu-style content, in addition to animation and experimental content. According to Laura Herzing, Senior Producer, LA’s status as the entertainment capital of the world makes it the perfect home for the company.

What makes LA the place to be?

“LA has long been a hub for production,” she said. “We frequently shoot in LA, where one of our studios is based, as it is home to some of the best agencies and production staff in the world. LA aligns with We Fly Coach in that we’re always looking for the freshest, newest way to operate.”

Why would someone want to work for We Fly Coach?

“We are a close-knit and growing team which offers our team members the opportunity to be involved in every aspect of production and post production,” said Herzing. “We are innovative forward-thinkers who are into doing things differently.”

What does We Fly Coach look for in applicants?

“We look for passion, first and foremost,” Herzing said. “Production is a hectic industry and you have to want to be in it! We’re thrilled with people who can wear a lot of hats, learn quickly and jump in with two feet — team players with a lot of energy!”



Zoic Studios is an Emmy-winning visual effects and technology company based in Culver City’s Hayden Tract neighborhood. In their work, the company has crafted innovative visual experiences for film, television, advertising, video game and interactive projects, as well as big data visualization and UI/UX efforts for the U.S. DOD and Intelligence Community. According to CFO/COO Tim McBride, the established entertainment world and the burgeoning tech community make LA the perfect place to be.

What makes LA the place to be?

“With Los Angeles’ foothold in the entertainment industry and growing tech scene of Silicon Beach, it has never been a better time for a company like Zoic to be in Los Angeles, that works at the intersection of entertainment and technology,” he said.

Why would someone want to work for Zoic?

“Zoic is at the exciting intersection of right-brain creative, left-brain technology and at the center of pop culture entertainment,” said McBride. “Thus Zoic is an interesting and well-rounded company, working on exciting projects with diverse and interesting employees.”

What does Zoic look for in applicants?

“Interesting, diverse people with qualified technical skills and an interest in building great things,” McBride added. “We are not looking for followers, but instead, leaders looking to innovate and create.”

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