In their 25th anniversary celebration, the iconic Coca-Cola Polar Bears are back in Coca-Cola’s latest Christmas campaign. Classic Holiday situations inspire the new campaign called “Christmas Rules”, by DAVID São Paulo.

The campaign reminds us that everyone has a special role at the Christmas table, even if away from home. In this family there’s always room for one more. Now it’s the bear family’s turn to celebrate in great Xmas style – the decorated tree, the supper arrangements, the welcoming of guests and the selfie around the table.



The short film including a 3D version of the tale, was produced by Vetor Zero. The new short film is also a sequel to the previous campaign, in which human families revealed positive values behind household rules, looking closely at the role of care in family relations.

“We’re bringing back the Coca-Cola Bears to talk about “Christmas Rules”, which is a follow-up campaign to our “Household Rules” campaign from earlier this year. In order to capture these spontaneous moments, our production team spent the week at the North Pole with this beloved family. It was pretty cold up there, but the Bears made us feel right at home”, says Rafael Donato, creative VP at DAVID SP.



Agency: DAVID SP

Client: Coca-Cola Brazil

Managing director: Sylvia Panico

Creative VP: Rafael Donato

Creative Director: Edgard Gianesi

Copywriter: Lucas Silva, Lucas Vigliar, Fernanda Machado

Art Director: Fabio Natan, Thiago Ferreira, Christiano Vellutini

Producers DAVID: Fabiano Beraldo, Fernanda Peixoto, Gustavo Viola

Editor: Leonardo Nichida

Account: Carolina Vieira, Stefane Rosa, Cacá Franklin, Fernanda Feldmann, Camila Coelho, Pedro Zetune

Head of Innovation: Toni Ferreira

Planning: Daniela Bombonato, Carolina Silva e Bruno Gomiero

Social media: Lucas Patrício

Media: Márcia Mendonça, Camila Fiuza, Diego Rolim, Leila Pereira e Manuela Cintra

Producer Company: Vetor Zero

Director: Alton

Executive producers: Alberto Lopes e Sergio Salles

Editors:  Eduardo Silva e Ricardo Vaz

Account: Fernanda Germek e Marcia Guimarães

Producer: Eduardo Silva e Ricardo Vaz

Sound Production: Jamute

Producers: James Pinto e Leck Gomes

Voice: Luiza Caspary

Clients Approval: Selman Careaga, Beatriz Bottesi, Keila Marconi, Augusto Veríssimo, Flavio Reghini e Poliana Tonelli