Nike explores Russian street football where people play for pride



Nike is celebrating Russian footballers in a film from a campaign called ‘Never Ask’.

The latest work from Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam coincides with the World Cup and celebrates the spirit of the ‘korobka’ or murals known to dominate Moscow. Artistically, it shows a kid learn how to play football on the streets and become a star.

Fyodor Smolov, a professional football player who fought his way from a bench-warmer to the leading scorer of the country, leads the campaign. Nike as a non-sponsor of the World Cup also activates around syncronized swimming and and a blind runner in athletes Aleksandr Maltsev and Elena Fedoseeva respectively in two other films.

The campaign was designed to show the highs of lows of sport in Russia. Over 240 murals between 2- to 16-metres have been erected in Moscow as part of the campaign.

Nike is activating around its national sponsorships while Adidas also enjoys shipping with World Cup materials. Recently the brand paid tribute to a classic Ronaldo ad.



Back to Russia. Vote for The Korobka Never Asks below in The Drum’s Creative Works and check out the rest of our World Cup coverage here.


Nike: Never Ask by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam



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