Furniture retailer DFS has partnered with The Lego Movie 2 for its winter sale campaign, which stars the cast of plastic minifigures.

Created by Krow, the ad opens with the characters of the Warner Bros blockbuster animation, including Lego Batman, Sweet Mayhem, Unikitty, Benny, Lucy and Emmet, squashed uncomfortably on a rickety two-tiered sofa.

Complaining that the seat is intolerable, the figures fight for space and a good position, until the movement and weight place too much strain on the chair, and it ultimately collapses beneath them.

Led by Emmet, the Lego characters embark on a mission to find themselves some comfy sofas and, in their words, “save our butts”.

Their quest for comfort brings them to their nearest DFS store where each of the characters finds the perfect DFS sofa for them, including a cool black recliner for Batman.



Art Director: Jo Jephcott

Copywriter: Gemma Galvin

Creative Directors: Darryl George, Jon Mitchell

Business Director: Sarah Keates

Agency Producer: Emma Rookledge

Production Company: Warner Animation Group

Directors: Doug Nicholas, Todd Hansen

Producer: Farnaz Fahid

Editor: Anton Capaldo-Smith

Script Supervisor: Kristin Holloway

Composer / Sound Mixer: David Corwin

Animation: ATK PLN

Senior Producer: Samantha Daniel

CG Supervisor: Patton Tunstall

Technical Supervisor: Jon Speer

Technical Director: Tony Fan

Lighting Artist: Lyn Caudle, Shannon Thomas, Jeff Masters

Surfacing: Daniel Ries

Modeling: John Bearden, Bailey Bearden

Layout: Steven Sorenson

Motion Design: Chad Moseley

Animation Director: Jason Taylor

Animation Supervisor: George Schermer

Animators: John Turello, Andrzej Ellert, Manu Menendez

Motion Design: Chad Moseley

VFX/Online: Mike Roy

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