IR Architects Founder and CEO Ignacio Rodriguez is ‘the hottest architect of Los Angeles’ for the second season of the nation-hopping web series “The American Dream.” In the episode, Rodeo Realty Beverly Hills’ Producer/Realtor Scott Goshorn gets a virtual tour of the Hollywood Hills’ most fantastic homes and mega-mansions, and sees the futuristic ways they’re being planned and built, both in real-time and VR.

Rodriguez is the true definition of the American Dream. He is the self-made architect behind luxury architecture firm, IR Architects,  that specializes in multi-million dollar properties in the Hollywood Hills region and beyond. All before the age of 30, he began designing some of the largest and most luxurious homes in America. He is also the CEO of Architectural Virtual Reality Studio, and is known as an industry thought leader on how “virtual reality and augmented reality (AR) are changing how million dollar buildings are designed,” (VR Focus).


Watch the full episode to (vicariously) live the high life, below: