Other Voices: Jamila

Discover a trans woman’s decades-long journey with plastic surgery to look like Lil’ Kim



“This project is a hybrid story; half documentary, half stylized music video,” say Ariel Danziger, Adam Donald, and Charlie Gross, three New York-based directors who came together to profile a trans woman’s odyssey in plastic surgery to resemble American rapper Lil’ Kim. “Her desire is to be more than human—a breed of her own.”

This film follows the life of Jamila ‘Brooklyn’ Pratt, a transgender woman in search of her true identity. Delving into her upbringing, fettered by poverty and alienation, the film blends Jamila’s memories, reflections, and environment with elements of the music video she always dreamed of starring in.

Jamila is a triple threat. Not only does the project raise universal questions about identity and validates escapist fantasies, but this stylized documentary—made possible by film editor Paul La Calandra—summons the same bad girl energy and raw sensuality of her idol’s music videos

“Jamila finally comes face-to-face with Lil’ Kim and this brings up poignant questions about what is next when she has gone to such lengths to emulate her,” say the directors. “But ultimately she finds true acceptance of her reality.”


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