Produced by LOBO/Vetor Zero, the piece presents an extensive list of things that make people angry during the creative process



In continuation of the “Anger” campaign, created by FCB Brasil for its 44th Annual, Clube de Criação (Brazilian Creative Club) is releasing a video made by LOBO/Vetor Zero to announce the jury and awards ceremony, which will take place on September 22 and 23, during the Clube de Criação Festival in São Paulo, Brazil.

The concept of the piece is “You get really mad until you get an idea that makes people go mad”. Combining 3D and 2D animation techniques, the production directed by Alton showcases different angry reactions by creative professionals to phrases that appear in their routine at work. The video will be primarily shown on digital platforms and will also be posted on Clube de Criação’s own media outlets.

The selection process for the best submissions, to be published in the 44th Annual goes until September 5.


Title: “Anger”
Product: Clube de Criação (Brazilian Creative Club)
Agency: FCB Brasil
Chief Creative Officer: Joanna Monteiro
Creative Executive Director: Fábio Simões
Creative Directors: Marco Monteiro and André Pallú
Art Director: Guilherme Manzi
Copywriters: Mario Morais and Leonardo Marçal
Illustrations: Guilherme Manzi
Projects: Suélen Mariano and Leidiane Estrela
Client Services: Elton Longhi
Graphic Production: João Albertini and Daniela Fonseca
Media: Fabio Freitas, Cristina Omura, Renato Gabriel, Monica Oliveira and Gabrieli Miranda
RTV: Charles Nobili, Ricardo Magozo, Pedro Lazzuri, Murillo Moretti and Mariana Carneiro

Audiovisual Production: LOBO/Vetor Zero,
Director: Alton
Executive Producers: Alberto Lopes and Sergio Salles
Photography Director: Lucas René
CGI Supervision/Animation/Rendering: Alceu Batistão
Client Services: Marcia Guimarães and Rafael Costa
Post Producers: Eduardo Silva and Ricardo Vaz
Coordination Assistant: Raphael Vinicius
Simulation/Animation: Fabio Shigemura
Simulation/Look Dev/Rendering: Bruno Macedo
2D Animation: Chan Tong
Look Dev/Render: Igor Colaicovo
CGI Supervision/Animation/Look Dev/Rendering: Danilo Enoqui
Houdini/Simulation: Alexandre Yamamoto
2D Animation: Pedro Jones
After Effects/Motion: Julio Saez Moreno
2D Illustration: Henrique Lobato
Houdini/Simulation: Luiz Duarte and Felipe Marceu
Look Dev/Render: Luiz Benassi
Animation/Render: Marcel Fukuwara
2D Animation: Anderson Omori
2D Art: Rafael Fernandes
3D Animation: Raphael Vinicius Silva
Animation/Rendering: Rudi Gudi
Animation/Look Dev/Rendering: Rafael Tomazzi, Alexandre Agostini and Thiago Peretto
Nuke Composition/Flame: José Ambrósio
Composition: Diogo Girondi
After Effects/Motion: Lilian Doring
Art Direction/2D Animation: Romulo Oliveira
Modeling: Guto Sposito
3D Animation: Marcio Nicolosi
Rigging: Leo Candaval, Henrique Ribeiro
Creative Musical Direction: Antonio Pinto
Music Producer: Vinicius Villani
Sound Designer and Finalization: Vinicius Villani
Coordination: Marilia Franco and Marina Nascimento
Sound Production Company: SuperSonica
Sound Production Services: Tatiana Nascimento
Client Approval: Fernando Nobre and Ciça Bernardet