Music Video of Viral Star Danielle Bregoli Features Special Appearance From David Spade



Durable Goods director Nicholaus Goossen drops a retro music video for Danielle Bregoli a.k.a. “Bhad Bhabie’s”’ new single “Gucci Flip Flops,” featuring rapper Lil Yachty. The video begins in a 1950s-inspired, suburban black-and-white setting with Bregoli dressed in pearls and polka dots, a drastic shift from the bad girl image she’s known for. The video also includes an unexpected, yet entertaining cameo by David Spade who plays a well-meaning milkman, catching Bregoli outside as she “adorably” lashes out on him with a series of curse words. The video is already soaring to viral status, taking in over 6.1 million views in just two days (and 13+ million views as of this writing).

Emulating such shows as Leave It to Beaver or Pleasantville, Bregoli sits alongside her family of four watching TV, when suddenly the picture-perfect setting is interrupted with Bhad Bhabie’s true colors appearing on the TV programme as she and Lil Yachty take turns performing the explicit lyrics, horrifying the parents but equally intriguing the young son. The video comedically concludes in color and modern-day, with the family and David Spade being fully converted to Bregoli’s “gangster” lifestyle.

Goossen also recently directed the artistic video for The Voidz’s newest single “Pyramid of Bones.”



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