Venice, CA-based production company Durable Goods director Nicholaus Goossen takes viewers on a bizarre expedition to hell through darkened caves and eccentric social animations in The Voidz’s new music video for their single “Pyramid of Bones.” Goossen exposes a sinister “bad society” with politically-driven vignettes that go head-to-head with modern issues spanning racism, religion, commercialism, internet and fast food, juxtaposed with retro animated images. Band members linger in the darkness as cave-dwellers, with stripes of light eerily casting upon them, and demonic characters, while lead singer Julian Casablancas blares warnings of social doom and deception.




Beyond directing music videos, Goossen has directed, written and produced for movies, television, commercials and digital series. Having worked on top series for such digital networks as Comedy Central and TBS. Fluent in the viral language of our connected society, Goossen has delivered branded work for the likes of AT&T, Forever 21, American Eagle, Vitamin Water and Champs, among others.



The Voidz – “Pyramid of Bones”

Director: Nicholaus Goossen

Animation: Kidmograph

Produced by: Cult Records (RCA)


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