Black Conflux Hero

Courtesy TIFF

Production company Keeper director Nicole Dorsey premiered her debut feature film Black Conflux at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) this month, to critical acclaim, topping many best-of lists as a fast festival favorite.

Per TIFF, “Black Conflux is a vibrant and stunning debut, one that shies away from conventions common to small-town coming-of-age stories. Dorsey exhibits an inspiring cinematic style — both assured and mature — as she reflects on the past and her own experience.”



Film critics were quick to call the film a 2019 standout, with sparkling praise for the project and Nicole Dorsey:

“A haunting, humane twist on thriller conventions.”
“It is plainly the work of a skilled filmmaker with ample future potential.”

“Filmmaker Dorsey keeps viewers guessing with her promising debut.”

“With strong performances and an arresting tone, Black Conflux…is nevertheless a striking calling card for its talented maker.”

“Tomatometer 100%”


Nicole Dorsey has built a reputation for writing and directing content that brings awareness to powerful social causes or shines a light on the nuances of the human psyche, directing feature-length projects, short films and series. She has also helmed successful commercials -via Keeper in Los Angeles, directing commercials for the likes of Nike, Red Bull, Nestlé, Skype and Bank of America, among others.