Cross-pacific music and audio company Nylon Studios takes a fresh and contemporary spin on the beloved Pull-Ups jingle in a new :30 spot out of Ogilvy & Mather, Chicago. The vibrant, music-driven spot features ‘big kids’ jamming out to the revamped heritage melody as they excitedly enjoy themselves in a variety of colorful and playful settings. Nylon Studios’ creative team remixed the signature “I’m a big kid now!” melody, infusing a new energy that resonates with today’s parents. The resulting track delivers equal parts edge, joy and fun, providing a lively backdrop for this unique concept.

Nylon Studios’ NYC team worked closely with their Australia-based composer Scott Langley to optimize creative collaboration and timely delivery through its cross-pacific pipeline, while working with production and creative partners in Los Angeles and Chicago.



Client: Pull-Ups

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Chicago

Production: Logan

VFX: Logan

Directors: Mark Kudsi & Grady Hall

Music and Sound: Nylon Studios

Composer: Scott Langley


About Nylon Studios

Nylon Studios is a New York and Sydney-based music and sound house.

Offering a unique dual focus on outstanding original composition and sound design, their collaborative approach allows for around-the-clock insight and inspiration from a global creative perspectives. Nylon is at the forefront of emerging media so whether you are seeking composed tracks from talented artists, music licensing, spatial VR sound, audio mix or top-tier sound design, this cross-pacific powerhouse helps you achieve audio excellence.