Schweppes brings back Schweppervescence branding to focus on bubbles

Created by TBWA Melbourne, the ad encapsulates a world where bubbles surround everyday moments and pieces of architecture.

In 2008 the brand launched its well-known Schweppervescence slow motion balloon TV ad where ultra slow motion cameras captured Schweppervescence at 10,000 frames per second.

The branding aims to emphasis bubbles and the moment a bottle of Schweppes is opened.




Lisa Saunders, general manager of marketing at Schweppes, said in a statement: “Until now, we’ve worked to share Schweppes’ provenance story. The launch of our new brand campaign
sees us shift focus from the outside, in – because Schweppervescence is really all about the bubbles, inherently a sensory experience.”

The ad is running across TV, social and outdoor.



Asahi Lifestyle Beverages


JH Beetge

Goodoil Films


Nylon Studios

Sound Engineer: Paul Le Couteur (Nylon Studios)