The Miller Spot That Has Quite a Following



In a starkly shot, joyously constructed commercial for the beer brand, a pursued party of pals see the benefit of friendship over followers.Up until the prevalence of social media platforms, having a following wasn’t really seen as a good thing unless you were the Pied Piper or a cult leader.

However, as seen in this fun-filled new commercial from DDB Chicago for beer brand Miller, having one now isn’t much fun either. Following three wiley sneaksters as they scoot about town desperately trying to avoid a horde of fans, Followers playfully showcases our obsession with Instagrammable moments and penchant for cuteness.

Directed by Ringan Ledwidge, the eye-catching black-and-white photography and delicious performances from both ‘leaders’ and followers make this an perfect reimagining the iconic ‘It’s Miller Time’ for today’s generation of drinkers.

See the original piece here.