International creative audio network Squeak E. Clean Studios has added Nick Doering as a Producer out of their New York Studio. Doering will leverage his expertise spanning both the creative and business sides of music production to facilitate creative collaborations between Squeak E. Clean Studios’ slate of award-winning composers, sound designers and more, and clients across a wide range of projects. He has secured placements for tracks spanning branded content with top clients such as Apple, Samsung and McDonalds, films including Booksmart and Dr. Sleep, and TV shows including “Ray Donovan,” among others.

“Nick will make an excellent addition to our New York City team,” says Managing Director Hamish Macdonald. “He truly brings the kind of holistic background that our clients need when it comes to niche industry skills, being a Producer who’s also a qualified composer and engineer.”

Adds Doering, “The scope of Squeak E. Clean Studios’ work is very impressive, and the quality is incredible. With one foot in the creative world and the other in the music business side, producing with Squeak E. Clean Studios is the perfect sum of those parts.”

Born in Portland Oregon, Nick’s career in music started in high school in a friend’s garage with some instruments, GarageBand, a cheap microphone and a love of the music video genre. He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston where he majored in Music Production and Engineering. While there, he played the role of artist, engineer, mixer, producer and writer, honing his musical skills and knowledge of the music industry and graduating magna cum laude.

Post-grad, he cut his teeth in the industry on the synchronization and licensing team at Primary Wave Music Publishing following an internship, where he oversaw and ran a pitch database of over 20,000 copyrights including the music of: Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, Smokey, Frank Sinatra, Alice Cooper, Lady Gaga, The Band, Imagine Dragons and Ed Sheeran. He transitioned to Squeak E. Clean Studios while pursuing his love of sync, pairing his engineering background with a passion for music and media that inspired his profession.



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