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Top 100 Most Anticipated American Independent Films of 2019: #33. Braden King’s The Evening Hour

The Evening Hour

Eight years between narrative features and using a film vocabulary on his debut film (HERE) that might have been a cousin to the cinema of Julio Medem, Braden King returns with his sophomore film — the book to screen project of The Evening Hour. Production took place in October in Kentucky with the likes of Philip Ettinger, Stacy Martin and Lili Taylor.

Gist: Written by Elizabeth Palmore, this is an adaptation of Carter Sickels’ 2012 novel and follows Cole Freeman, a young man who maintains an uneasy equilibrium in his rural Appalachian town, looking after the old and infirm in the community and selling their excess painkillers to local addicts. But when his old friend Terry Rose returns with plans to start his own drug operation, Cole is forced to take action to save the close-knit fabric of family, friendship, land, and history.

Release Date/Prediction: Locarno Film Festival feels like a fitting world preem lieu.


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