New York and San Francisco-based content creation company Bodega took home a 2015 PromaxBDA Gold Award for the “Mercedes Benz AMG Wagon” spot for BBC America. The spot was produced by Bodega and directed by Haley Geffen, and was chosen as the best in “Branded Content Promotion.” The spot was cut by Northern Lights editor George Carty and SuperExploder‘s Ted Gannon crafted the sound design and mix.

The spot shows a stressed-out woman in a hurry to get to her destination. As she pulls into a detour in her Mercedes E63 wagon, a crew team of racing experts checks that her car is ready to go, and waves her through. Stepping on the gas and tearing down highways, she successfully makes it to her cycling class on time.


Clients: Mercedes-Benz, BBC America
Senior Vice President, Promos & Creative Services: Matt Stein
Director, Creative Services Production & Operations: Daniela Decca
Editorial Director: McPaul Smith
Producer: Lora Kaminsky
Production Company: Bodega
Director: Haley Geffen
Senior Producer: Julie Zivic
Smoke Artist: Chris Hengeveld
Editorial Company: Northern Lights
Editor: George Carty
Sound Design: SuperExploder
Sound Designer/Mixer: Ted Gannon


About Bodega

Bodega is a content creation company based in New York and San Francisco.

We tell stories on screens of every size. We make commercials, promos and digital content.

Our integrated approach allows for collaboration through every step in the process from creative to production through post including audio, finishing, design and visual effects.


About Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a thriving bi-coastal (NY/SF) editorial and post production boutique featuring filmmakers and visual artists with a passion for telling stories.

From Promax and Emmy-winning TV branding to commercials, film and Internet content, Northern Lights has been a destination for original ideas since 1995.

The company’s award-winning talent is continually creating new ways to interpret footage for all modern delivery platforms. Their unmatched ability to shape ideas into focused content for brands is fed by a creative environment that fosters trying new things and taking risks.

Northern Lights teams up with sister companies Mr. Wonderful for design,, SuperExploder,, for composing and audio post, and Bodega,, for creative assignments and production. Working together, they’re a powerful one-stop resource that tailors their offerings to each individual client and filmmaker’s needs.


About SuperExploder

SuperExploder is the preeminent destination for all things audio. We’re a boutique facility located in Chelsea, NYC, offering comprehensive sound services—mixing in Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound, sound design, music composition, creative services and casting—for commercials, promos, radio, feature films, web content and experiential projects.  We’re home to industry leading mixers Jody Nazzaro and Ted Gannon.  And we represent the talents of Brady Hearn, David Brent, Michael Carey, Peter Fish and Ted Gannon for original music compositions. All under the direction of Sr. Producer Meredith Nazzaro.

We feature four mix studios, including two 5.1 Surround Sound studios, one designed by John Storyk and one by Brian Dorfman of Orchard Design.  Our work includes commercial projects for Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis, Hachette Book Group and Euro along with original compositions for Head & Shoulders, Lysol, Cheerios, Nick, TruTV, LUVS and Charter Cable.  Broadcast work features USA, CBS, Spike TV, Comedy Central, Logo, VH1, Nick, History, TruTV, A&E and ESPN.