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Fast-Growing Creative Production Shop Picture Farm to Relocate to the Brooklyn Navy Yard

New Space at Building 77 Will Expand Picture Farm’s Growing Brooklyn Footprint     Picture Farm, a global full service production and post production company, has spent over a decade in Williamsburg, deeply infused in the vibrant art and cultural hub blossoming just east of downtown Manhattan. This month, the company said goodbye to their […]

VR Playhouse Burns Rubber at 8K with Mercedes-Benz, The Artery and Astronauts Guild, on Studio Daily

Eight Cars, Six Cameras, Full Circle: Shooting Mercedes-Benz at 20K for One of the Largest Screens in the World By Bryant Frazer / March 19, 2018 How The Artery, Astronauts Guild and VR Playhouse Pulled Off Their Biggest 360 Project to Date, Rolling Red Weapons at 8K   For 360-degree video on a grand scale, the gold standard […]

8 Marketing Moves Millennials Want to See, As Told By a Millennial

By: Allie Emslie   As the largest living generation, millennials are increasingly becoming the target audience for brand marketers and PR professionals. With our aging population, millennials are getting closer and closer to snatching the baton from the baby boomers—not to mention the massive transfer of wealth already starting to take place. What are millennials […]