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Washington Square Films Director Jakob Ström Capitalizes on Friendship with the Extra Gum – Real Friend Request Ad

This ad for Extra works on the insight that teenagers spend an extreme amount of time staring at screens and neglecting real relationships. Celia, a 14-year old girl chewing gum and scrolling through her phone is ignoring Lena, who wants to hang out. Later, Lena grabs a pen and writes: NEW FRIEND: LENA [ ] […]

Motionpoems Captures Quiet Resolve in Animated Short “On Lockdown”

  The organization putting stunning animation to verse, Motionpoems, has released their latest project “On Lockdown,” directed by Calum Macdiarmid and produced by Roxanne Artesona, in partnership with Durable Goods. Macdiarmid captured the loneliness of lockdown with the drive to do more in the wake of George Floyd’s death using stark animation inspired by realist […]

On Philly Business Journal, Alkemy X CEO/President Justin Wineburgh Lists Best Practices for Effective Leadership from Afar

What Leadership Looks Like in a Time of Crisis and You’re Physically Absent     By Justin B. Wineburgh  – President and CEO, Alkemy X As we collectively reflect on the past several months, the construct of time is shaky and sometimes feels as though it has disappeared altogether. While we have been unified by our perspectives […]