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Rodeo Show Directors Mccoy | Meyer Discuss Favorite Music Videos and Keys to Making More with Less

Playlist: Mccoy | Meyer Eric McCoy & Justus Meyer, the directing duo behind award-winning promos for Flights Over Phoenix, The Johnsons, FLOR & Devin Kirtz, tell us what’s on their playlist.   What’s the best promo you’ve seen recently and why? Recently, we attended a screening of Dave Meyers’ Be Humble for Kendrick Lamar and were instantly […]

Light Sail VR Chats with Boris FX on Longevity of 360 Video

Mocha VR Spotlight: Light Sail VR Navigates 360 Cinematic Storytelling Light Sail VR believes 360 video is here to stay. “Right now, we’re training audiences that they can look where they want to look and have control over the frame,” says Matthew Celia, Managing Partner and Creative Director. “It’s the first step in educating people how […]

Rodeo Show Dances Its Way Into Melodic Cleanliness For Pinalen

    Venice-CA production company Rodeo Show and director Sarah Chatfield pay homage to the beloved musical romcom La La Land in a rhythmic new spot for PINALEN ® Multipurpose Cleaner out of Cavalry. The melodic spot features a one-woman dancing number as she twirls, mops and prances through several colorful rooms that represent the multi-purpose […]