By: Rebecca Robin

There’s nothing like good content on the go. When it comes to PR trends for 2020, it is clear that the podcast industry has reached its peak in digital consumption. Up to 57 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly, securing the medium as a top-ranking outlet in the media landscape. From a PR standpoint, a podcast is unique in its simplicity and the potential to capture audience attention for an extended period of time.

Whether listeners are driving to work, at the gym, or folding laundry–that voice in your ear is along for the ride. Here are a couple of key reasons you or your brand should consider utilizing podcasts:

  1. Your Word-of-Mouth Best Friend
    Similar to the power of word-of-mouth advertising, a podcast allows listeners to feel as though they are simply having a conversation with a friend. The casual context makes it easy to feel a part of the conversation, creating a platform for speakers as a reliable source.
  2. Longer Engagement Time
    Banking on the mobile aspect, listeners are likely to tune into podcasts for longer periods of time than with other mediums. Unlike a commercial break or banner ad, this phenomena has turned advertising into the main event! A podcast can typically grasp listeners’ attention for 45 minutes to an hour.
  3. Tap into your Niche
    With a built-in audience, the right podcast can be a unique opportunity to reach a new sector within your niche. Listeners are already tuning in to gain insight about a specific topic. If you harness this medium well, a podcast can be an inadvertent plug for your business.
  4. Tell Your Story–Generate Action
    Rather than coming off as “salesy”, a podcast is your opportunity to get real and tell your story. Inherently an entertainment platform, this is the chance for listeners to get to know you, your product, or your business. Effective storytelling can be a method to generate a call to action–whether it be a follow, a purchase, or network opportunity. Talk about the root of your work and future goals, and get your story out there!

Here’s our pick of podcast recommendations. Happy listening!

  1. No Film School
    No Film School is where filmmakers learn from each other — “no film school” required. The podcast features interviews with leading filmmakers and industry authorities, and check-ins from major film festivals.
  2. On Brand
    Host Nick Westergaard of Brand Driven Digital interviews thought leaders about the art and science of brand building. Guests include creatives from top brands among Ben & Jerry’s, Maker’s Mark, the Minnesota Vikings, The Onion, Salesforce, and Whole Foods.
  3. The Ground Up Show
    The Ground Up Show inspires creatives to make meaningful content & pursue their passions. Award-winning filmmaker Matt D’Avella, best known for the Netflix documentary Minimalism, sits down with creators to talk about their process, the lesson’s they’ve learned & how to make an impact.
  4. Creative Honey
    Creative Honey explores philosophies, professions, trends, and advice regarding all things creative. Podcast guests include a variety of creative professionals and their thoughts and experiences in the creative world.
  5. Talking to Ourselves
    Hosted by Omid Farhang, Chief Creative Officer at Momentum, Talking to Ourselves interviews the marketing industry’s most admired leaders on their rise to success, daily routines, and advice for a fulfilling career.
  6. The Failure Factor
    Hosted by Forbes contributor Megan Bruneau, The Failure Factor explores stories of career perseverance from top entrepreneurs. The podcast discusses how to capitalize off the failure factor–your secret to success.
  7. School of Doc
    School of Doc introduces listeners to the world’s most renowned documentary filmmakers. In each episode, host David Altrogge sits down with a world-class documentarian to discuss the craft of documentary filmmaking.
  8. Respect the Process
    Hosted by commercial director Jordan Brady, Respect The Process dives into everything regarding filmmaking for commercials, brand stories, web content– by the filmmakers and creative that make them.
  9. Disruptor Series
    Hosted by Rob Schwartz, CEO of TBWA\Chiat\Day NY, the Disruptor Series interviews disruptors in their field. “From movers to shakers to great content makers, these are the people disrupting business, culture, and life.”