Regular readers of Dread Central know that we’re huge fans of the short films produced and released by ALTER. Today, we’re thrilled to share their latest, a harrowing creeper called Grief. Give it a spin embedded at the top of the article and read more about the short film below.



After Kevin and Esther’s son is abducted and remains missing, their relationship deteriorates quickly. A year later and Kevin has spent months attending grief counseling meetings in an attempt to save his eroding relationship with his wife, while Esther still flails in denial. On a particularly tense evening, while in the throws of a devastating fight between Kevin and Esther, a stranger arrives at their home unannounced. What follows can only be described as a violent and psychedelic exploration of grief.


Directors Brock Bodell and Daniel Perry collaborated for their first time as a writer/director duo on Grief. Both life-long fans of the horror genre, it’s their dream to make horror films appreciated by the horror community. The film boasted lauded screenings at Fantastic Fest, Beyond Fest, Brooklyn Horror Fest, Telluride Horror Show and Knoxville Horror Fest.

The film was executive produced by Andrew Rudmann, Lodger Films’ Rob Schroeder and Georg Kallert (Sunchoke, Uncle Kent 2), and production company MinusL’s Craig DiBiase.

Director’s statement:  “We wanted to take the most unimaginable tragedy and see how it would affect those closest to it. Many attempt to work through grief, some bury it deep down, and others are completely consumed by it. But it was important to show that it doesn’t just go away. It’s always there, lurking in the shadows, prepared to rear its ugly head and wreck your whole fucking world.”


GRIEF poster final 1024x1583 - Check out Festival Favorite Horror Short GRIEF on ALTER

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