Hong Kong Ballet celebrates 40 years by fusing together martial arts, fashion and Chinese grandmas

Creative Works By Shawn Lim



Hong Kong Ballet is celebrating its 40th anniversary by using its dancers to showcase ballet and pop culture around various landmarks in Hong Kong.

The series of ads are created by Design Army and Dean Alexander​ led direction and photography.

Shot at places like basketball courts, Victoria Harbor, and a traditional banquet hall, the campaign uses dancers to show off martial arts, fashion and even Chinese grandmas to dance against the backdrop of Ravel’s Boléro orchestral blend of hip hop, classical and heritage.

“Hong Kong Ballet is committed to the notion that classical ballet can be of-the-moment. The new campaign positions our artists as contemporaries, with the colors drawing on Hong Kong’s extraordinary hues—both old and shockingly new. And I love the bold, graphic shapes the dancers’ bodies make in contrast to the surrounding architecture,” said Septime Webre, artistic director of Hong Kong Ballet.

Last year, the company created similarly striking ads, which encompass brand photography and program brochure creative, depicting the dancers as characters that are caught in exaggerated ballet poses.



Client: Hong Kong Ballet

Creative: Design Army

Director and Photographer: Dean Alexander

Sound Design: Nylon Studio, Sydney

Sound Design, Production & Mix: Simon Lister / Nylon Studios

Music Supervision: Chelsea Ramsden / Nylon Studios


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