The provocative PSA “Don’t Look Away”–which makes the case for ‘graphic’ warning labels on all ammunition packaging, depicting gun violence as a public health crisis–earned a coveted Wood Pencil from the D&AD Future Impact Awards in Health and Wellness. Crafted by creative directors Oriel Davis-Lyons and Gustavo Dorietto and produced by Method Studios, the short film intends to spark a movement toward ultimate legislation requiring these warning labels, urging viewers to contact their local representative with their support.


The film was originally released in conjunction with National Gun Violence Awareness Day, June 7. New York-based audio studio Sonic Union led sound design and commissioned a harrowing soundtrack to fit the spine-chilling 911 call overlays, news bytes and other sound effects, by composer Oli Chang. Executive Creative Producer Halle Petro oversaw the project, with sound design by Rob Ballingall.


“I am so thrilled that the Future Impact accelerator will renew and extend this project’s continued success. We are truly humbled to work so closely with Method and the visionaries of this message.” notes Petro. “The idea inspired our entire company to collectively champion its impact through personal channels as well. Congratulations to Oriel and Gustavo!”


Winners of the Future Impact program receive access to resources, funding and networking to help progress their projects into reality. The program supports work that demonstrates the potential for impact with a shared prize fund of $150,000, combining mentoring, training, visibility and grants for up to 10 deserving winners, or ‘Future Impacters’. 


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Creators: Oriel Davis-lyons, Gustavo Dorietto

Director: Simon Burrill

Film Production: Method Studios/NY

Managing Director, North American Advertising Production: Stuart Robinson

Senior Executive Producer: Jesse Kurnit

Creative Director: Warren Paleos

VFX Supervisor: Ivan Guerrero

Senior Producer: Bennett Lieber

Production Coordinator: Kyle Fader

Lead Lighter: Frank Grecco

Lead FX Artist: David Derwin

Lead Compositor: Uros Otashevich

Animator: Goran Ognjanovic

Animator: Chris Devito

FX Artist: Ryan Hussain

Lighter: Da Kim

Lighter: Irene Kim

Lighter: Claire Chang

Compositor: Gerard Andal

Compositor: Kyle Andal

Sound Design: Sonic Union

Executive Creative Producer: Halle Petro

Mix: Rob Ballingall

Music: Composer: Oli Chang in collaboration with Sonic Union

Packaging Design: Thais Mazelli