The Webby Awards have once again released their nominees for “the Internet’s highest honor,” the 2018 Webby Awards, showcasing the most gripping and adrenaline-pumping content unleashed on the internet from the 2017 calendar year. Voting ends April 19, 2018.


With more than 13,000 entries received from all 50 states and 70 countries this year, the 22nd Annual Webby Awards has nominated and named as honorees captivating projects, trailers and commercials from companies including the Hollywood-based creative agency gnet, NYC-based audio studio Sonic Union and full-service creative studio SunnyBoy Entertainment. The agency and studios have drummed up buzz, fan frenzy, awareness and your worst nightmares for top companies and entities including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Samsung, The New York Times and the Hollywood horror blockbuster IT.


Read on to check out these nominees and honorees who share with the world their impactful Internet acumen:



Category: Film & Video: Trailer

Project: PUBG “Unknown Air” Xbox Trailer



gnet snagged an Honoree designation from The Webby Awards for their epic plunge into the vast unknown for PUBG, the MMO phenomenon holding the gaming world in its clutches. gnet launched the first promotional campaign for the Microsoft® Xbox One release of PUBG winner-take-all battle royale game developed by PUBG Corporation–and aired the campaign during The Game Awards (TGAs) and on Xbox-owned media channels. The winner-take-all campaign was executive produced by gnet’s David Guida and Shelby Hill.


Sonic Union


Category: Advertising, Media, & PR – Craft: Best Use of Machine Learning

Project: The Billion Color Film (R/GA)



Sonic Union struck a chord for Samsung and their captivating cinematic work The Billon Color Film. The short demonstrates the color-showcasing capacity of their QLED TV, which displays one billion individual colors total. Zooming through luxe Paris locales, soft music accompanies still life where the color spectrum stands out as rich as the action. The short was mixed by Sonic Union’s Michael Marinelli.


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Category: Advertising, Media, & PR – PR: Best Viral Campaign

Project: New York Times – The Truth Is



Sonic Union mixed the spots featured throughout The New York Times’ first enriching brand campaign, showcasing the trials inherent in objective reporting–all the more reason the truth is worth seeking. The minimalist, yet characteristic piano chords have become the signature audio language for the campaign, as the spots don’t stray far from their central image and message.


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Category: Film & Video – Virtual Reality & 360 Video: VR: Branded Interactive, Game or Real-Time

Project: Warner Bros. IT: Escape From Pennywise



In this frightful VR experience–from the studio responsible for immersive content for horror fan favorites including IT, Annabelle: Creation and The Conjuring 2IT: Escape from Pennywise coincided with the film’s at-home release and includes 15 minutes of premium content with interactive features, additional pathways through the storyline, added characters from the Losers Club and an overall maximization of bloodcurdling fright-levels. Viewers are transported back to Derry, Maine and into the terrifying Neibolt House, rekindling their fears of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Alongside the Losers Club, they maneuver through the corridors of the haunted house with six potential pathways and only a flashlight at hand, controlled by SunnyBoy’s premiere gaze-based technology.


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The Webby Awards reflect the massive growth of the already cult-like passion of Internet fans and fan-favorites, recognizing the creators responsible for captivating millions on the worldwide web. Don’t wait–place your votes on the
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