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Soundtrack:Blue Sun Palace: Mixer Geoff Strasser’s creative use of ChatGPT via Post Magazine

Blue Sun Palace from writer/director Constance Tsang made its debut at Cannes in France, and tells the story of immigrant women working at a massage parlor in Queens, New York, where they cater to male clientele while also craving family connections while long from home. Geoff Strasser (pictured), senior mixer and sound designer at Mr. Bronx […]

Founder and CCO at Butter Music and Sound, Andrew Sherman Explains how Creating Music for Comedy Spots is no Laughing Matter via Shots

Andrew Sherman, Founder and CCO at BUTTER Music and Sound, explains how music is an important ingredient in most comedy spots and that, while you might laugh at the end result – in fact, hopefully you do – creating it is a serious business. Why is the Super Bowl the ‘Oscars of Advertising’? We all know […]

To Pitch or Not To Pitch

By Rachel Jacobs In public relations today, many clients seek coverage in a variety of outlets, ranging from trade publications to lifestyle and consumer media. As publicists, pitching stories and cultivating relationships with journalists are crucial parts of our daily tasks and why we are sought after and brought on to assist. When under pressure […]