Location: United States
Agency: Element Productions
Client: SimpliSafe Home Security



SimpliSafe has launched an advertising campaign featuring a surprising new company mascot — a fictional burglar.

New “spokesperson” Robbert Larson is a devoted family man whose professional life as self-described “full-time burglar, part-time con man” has turned him into a home security aficionado. In a series of recently released spots, Robbert demonstrates practical use cases for SimpliSafe’s line of security products in a comical and engaging way.

Robbert himself is portrayed by actor Peter Davis, who has appeared in films including Eat Pray Love, and is one of the three members of Calyer, the directing team behind the new campaign.

With his tongue-in-cheek quips and slapstick moves, Robbert uses humor to promote SimpliSafe’s products — a radically different approach than that taken by typical home security commercials. Robbert spots run with the tagline “Protect Home Like a Pro”, cheekily emphasizing the idea that a burglar is one of the best experts on home security.

In one spot, Robbert uses his Video Doorbell Pro in conjunction with a SimpliSafe Smart Lock to receive a pizza delivery while lounging in his bathtub. In another, Robbert catches a different burglar attempting to break into his home, only to be foiled by an entry sensor. “You’re losing your touch, Larry!” Robbert jeers.



Production & Post Company: ELEMENT

Director: Calyer

Executive Producers: Eran Lobel, Kristen Kearns, Matthew O’Rourke

Line Producer: Erik Mygrant

Senior Post Producer: Kim DeRosa

Editor: Zac Currier

Additional Editors: Kat Baker, John Giuggio

Assistant Editors: Mike Nolan, Brendan Quinn

Colorist: The Mill NY (Josh Bohoskey)

Audio: Soundtrack Boston / Brian McKeever, Howard Carle, Mike Secher


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