Creative design, animation and mixed media studio LOBO promotes Penn State’s research and achievements in a duo of animated campaign videos for the university, out of agency Decoded Advertising. The two spots feature visually vibrant and painterly animations championing pollinator research and successful healthcare innovation, born from the minds of real-world Penn State students and faculty featured in live action at the end of each short.


Click HERE to view “Christine Grozinger”

Click HERE to view “Shevy Karbasi”


The spots utilizes joyful colors and a fluid, luminous animation style for a fresh take on showcasing advances in pivotal restorative research. In each short, viewers watch a present-day problem unfold, quickly addressed and tackled with great success by Penn State students and faculty armed with their own ideas and know-how.




Client: Penn State University
Agency: Decoded Advertising
Creative Director: Victor Sie
Creative Director: Andy Currie
Art Director: Andrew Chin
Copywriter: Lannie Hartley
Producer: Laura Shuey
Producer: Shannon Barnes
Group Brand Director: Lauren Sabedra
Sr. Brand Manager: Matthew Greenberg

Animation: LOBO
Director: Guilherme Marcondes
Post Production Coordinator: Clara Morelli, Rosangela Gomes
Coordination Assistant: Tainá Soares
Producer: Aron Aguiar, Lilka Hara, Marcelo Barbosa

“Christine Grozinger”
Board: Antonio Soares Neto (Tony)
Concept: Felipe Jornada
2d Animator: Paulo Passaro
Motion Graphics: John Harrison, Janelle Miau

“Shevy Karbasi”
Concept: Felipe Jornada
Board: Antonio Soares Neto (Tony)
3d Coordinator: Cintia Miura, Filipe Lopes
Rigging Supervisor: Leonardo Cadaval
3d Animation Supervisor: Jerome Saravas
Rigging: Flavio Castello, Henrique Ribeiro, Felipe Gimenes, Lucas Magalhães, Leonardo Cadaval
3d Modelling: Marcel Fukuwara, Natan Zuanaci, Thiago Batista, Rayza Alvarez
3d Animator: Daniel Bahia, Jerome Saravas, Marcio Nicolosi, Michel Maron, Ronaldo Brito, Stephanie Kajimoto
Motion Graphics: John Harrison, Janelle Miau


About LOBO

LOBO is a creative design, animation and mixed media studio sparking curiosity through imaginative, universally-compelling narratives. On a ceaseless exploration of the moving image, our collective of directors, artists and designers thrive at the intersection of art, craft and technology.

With offices in NYC and São Paulo, we stand for bold style and innovative visual language, partnering with ad agencies, TV networks, film studios and brands to dream new ways to bring color, passion and spirit to life through dynamic storytelling.