L-R: Hustle’s Andrew Michaeloff and Anya Zander, Diplomat Reps Founder Lauren Schuchman


NYC-headquartered creative design, animation and mixed media studio LOBO has expanded its sales team, signing with Anya Zander and Andrew Michaeloff of Hustle / Side Hustle on the East Coast, Lauren Schuchman of Diplomat on the West Coast and Partizan in the U.K.

Diplomat’s roster also includes Sweetshop, Believe Media, Slim Pictures, COLOSALLE, Nomad, and KEVIN. Hustle’s roster includes Partizan, Ruffian, Tool of North America, CHROMISTA, Sweetshop, NO6, Whitehouse Post, duotone, Carbon, and Art Jail. Side Hustle’s roster also includes Partizan Studio, MediaMonks Animation, London Alley, Cap Gun Collective, and Identity.

Diplomat is a commercial representation firm with a concise roster of advertising’s top talent, offering insightful creative solutions to agency and brand partners. Founder Schuchman held positions at Hybrid Edit and The Sweetshop as Head of U.S. Sales before launching her own independent firm. Partizan will represent Lobo’s full roster of talent in the U.K.

“Animation opens up unique possibilities for brands to effectively say what they want to say. It’s rare to find an international firm of LOBO’s calibre with such a boutique style of creativity and more importantly, HEART,” notes Schuchman. “Their 360 offering of design, animation and live-action is something called upon more and more these days. Plus, they are responsible for some truly timeless, attention-grabbing, and memorable work that Nate and I are honored to share with the advertising community.”

Side Hustle recently launched as part of the Hustle network with a focus on marketing and strategy for design-driven studios and niche live-action production offerings. It aims to help agencies and brands discover a diverse range of new talent from around the world.

Says Zander and Michaeloff, “Animation has always been a powerful medium in the advertising space and LOBO has been at the forefront of animation trends, creative design, and innovative technology. LOBO combines its bold style with visual storytelling to bring to life incredible work time and time again. Hustle has watched LOBO evolve and crush every award show in our industry for the past several years. We are so honored to be a part of their incredible team and a part of their future growth. They are one of the top design studios in the industry and run by some of the most wonderful people we have come across.”

The new partnerships come on the heels of LOBO’s heralded work for Traveler’s Insurance and their reimagining of the iconic Coca-Cola polar bears for heartwarming 2018 holiday campaign.


About LOBO

LOBO is a creative design, animation and mixed media studio sparking curiosity through imaginative, universally compelling narratives. On a ceaseless exploration of the moving image, our collective of directors, artists and designers thrive at the intersection of art, craft and technology.

With offices in NYC and São Paulo, we stand for bold style and innovative visual language, partnering with ad agencies, TV networks, film studios and brands to dream new ways to bring color, passion and spirit to life through dynamic storytelling.