Andy Cohen Back For Round 3 As Anderson Cooper’s Co-Host For CNN New Year’s Eve Celebration – Watch The Promo



Andy Cohen is back for a third year as Anderson Cooper’s co-host for CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage live from Times Square in New York City. Watch a MinusL-produced promo for the annual ringing-out celebration above.

New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen will begin at 8 PM ET on Tuesday, December 31. Also, Don Lemon’s often-offbeat Central Time Zone countdown with Brooke Baldwin from New Orleans will be back on the WarnerMedia-owned cable news outlet.


CNN’s 7 p.m. ET lead-in for its NYE coverage will be All the Best, All the Worst 2019, an hourlong special hosted by Tom Foreman on the highlights and lowlights of the past months in politics, pop culture, the economy and entertainment.

Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live host Cohen raised eyebrows — and some rankles — for standing up to authority last New Year’s Eve. About 80 minutes into CNN’s NYE coverage, the Times Square Alliance forced him to close up his clear umbrella in the pouring rain.

“I said I won’t do it,” Cohen told viewers. “I said, ‘Get the paddy wagon, cause that’s what it’s going to take.’ But now they are threatening to pull CNN’s spot from the credentials from Times Square for next year!”

He added: “This umbrella is such a threat to the Times Square Alliance?! And what does the Times Square Alliance do besides F with my New Year’s Eve?! So, fine! Univision has their umbrellas over there. We stand with Univision!”

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