New York/San Francisco-based content creation/production company BODEGA’s Emmy-winning director Haley Geffen shines a light on the often-times unspoken struggles and remarkably transcendent moments that come with first-time motherhood in the online short “Dear Me” for breastfeeding brand Lansinoh. The heartfelt spot, produced and concepted by BODEGA, features real moms reading letters of advice that they’ve written to the pre-motherhood versions of themselves, touching on the moments of self-doubt and indescribable love that go hand-in-hand with the transformative experience. The docu-style campaign is the first video campaign for the brand, and bypasses overt branding in exchange for authentic storytelling to continue to build their connection with expecting and new mothers.

As the mother of a toddler with another baby on the way, Geffen felt particularly connected to this project that delicately wove together her identities as a mother and a director. She took a grassroots approach to the casting process, reaching out to mothers in her network via Facebook groups and narrowing the field through Skype interviews. Once a diverse range of real mothers were assembled for the campaign, Geffen provided only minimal details on the shoot, allowing for a much more authentic process when the women discovered they would be writing such an emotional letter when they arrived. The women dove into the task, providing emotional and sincere narratives on their maternal experiences.

“The whole experience of connecting with these mothers was amazing for me,” notes Geffen. “Since I often work on a lot of sports-centric projects, there are rarely occasions that my directing intersects with my home life as a mother. Being able to connect with these women really allowed for us all to become completely immersed in the project.”  

Adds Lansinoh Brand Director Erin Langley, “Haley and the Bodega team helped us create an intimate and comfortable setting for the moms in the piece, allowing for real connections and honest discussion of both the joys and trials of new motherhood. For more than 30 years, Lansinoh has supported all moms and families on their breastfeeding journey and we’re so pleased with this video, which helps us celebrate and honor every mom.”

The campaign also includes additional pieces that also highlight the experiences of real moms that will be rolled out later this year. 



Client: Lansinoh

Brand Director: Erin Langley

Senior Brand Manager: Sabrina Fox

Agency: BODEGA

Production Company: BODEGA

Executive Creative Director/Director: Haley Geffen

Executive Producer: Bob Cagliero 

Head of Production: Kris Walter

Editorial: Northern Lights

Editor: Glenn Conte

Executive Producer: Robin Hall

Audio: SuperExploder

Sound Designer/Mixer: Ted Gannon

Sr. Producer: Meredith Nazzaro



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Our integrated approach allows for collaboration through every step in the process from creative to production through post including audio, finishing, design and visual effects. 

About Lansinoh

Founding by a breastfeeding mom, Lansinoh has helped moms succeed in breastfeeding for over 30 years. Famous for its award-winning cornerstone product, HPA Lanolin, Lansinoh® is now a leader in breastfeeding accessories and available in nearly 60 countries.