LA-based Green Dot Films director and MiniVegas creative director/partner Luc Schurgers helps the visionary creative alumni by bringing their characters to life in three new :30 spots “Fashion”, “Design”, and “Media Arts” for The Art Institutes out of David&Goliath, Los Angeles.  The spots feature the creative designs of Art Institutes graduates literally springing to life and crediting their existence to the skills gleaned from AI courses.

Green Dot produced the spots (MiniVegas also produced “Media Arts”) and Schurger’s digital, animation and vfx shop MiniVegas did the animation, design and post work along with some help from their friends at Glassworks.

“Fashion”, opens on an exterior shot of a boutique store window, where elegant gowns adorn three white plastic mannequins.  As we push in closer to the glass, the middle mannequin suddenly comes to life and addresses us.  “This fierce dress,” she tells us, gesturing haughtily, “was once a sketch from Gustavo Cadile.  Then he studied fashion and turned it into reality.  With guidance, he perfected the skills of draping and merchandising.  And now, his collections are worn by celebrities worldwide.”  As she strikes a series of poses, she concludes: “Without that first step, this dress would still be a scribble… and I would not look this fierce.”  We then cut to an animation that reveals Cadile as a graduate of Miami International University of Art & Design, The Art Institutes’ logo as a voiceover call to action declares: “Bring your ideas to life in fashion.  With an Art Institutes education, imagine what you can create.”

In “Design”, Jolby aka Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols, recent graduates of The Art Institute of California, have one of their designs animated in 3d and brought to life as a dancing vinyl toy with top hat + cane and fish in his pocket.  In “Media Arts”, a design of Jeremy Tabor, a 2011 graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, gets the same treatment but on a fully realized 3d battlefield.

About Green Dot Films

It’s been said that once you’ve worked with Green Dot you’ll likely be back again with another project very soon.  Green Dot has been quietly working with top-tier agencies and clients since its inception in 1996.  It is a company known for focusing intensely on each project and for cultivating the talent of its directors.  Green Dot was founded by awarded veterans who have made it their focus to create the perfect mix of hard working creative thinkers.  It’s that mix of a carefully cultivated & dedicated core team that keeps Green Dot on top of their game and keeps clients coming back with projects and problem solving needs that cross all boundaries.  Green Dot’s executive team is headed by owners Jane and Brent Thomas, CFO Beth Clark, Executive Producer/Head of Sales Darren Foldes & Executive Producer/Head of Production Rich Pring.  Green Dot Films 2012 directing roster includes: Rebecca Baehler, Alain Briere, Omri Cohen, Mark Coppos, Richard Farmer (formerly of the directing team HAPPY), Rafael Fernandez, Kim Jacobs, Robert Jitzmark, Luc Schurgers (founder of MiniVegas), Brent Thomas and Claire Thomas.


Client: The Art Institutes
Titles: “Fashion” :30, “Design” :30, “Warrior” :30
Agency: David&Goliath
Chief Creative Officer: David Angelo
Creative Director: Ben Purcell
Creative Director: Steve Yee
Senior Copywriter: JC Abbruzzi
Senior Art Director: Tim Delger
Producer: Tonya Nelson

Production Company: Green Dot Films, Los Angeles, CA
Director: Luc Schurgers
DoP: Igor Jadue-Lillo
Executive Producer: Darren Foldes
Executive Producer: Rich Pring
Line Producer: Joe Mandarino

Animation & Vfx (and production of the “Media Arts” spot): MiniVegas
Additional Animation & VFX: Glassworks
Editorial: Spinach
Editor: Kelly McClean
Assistant Producer: Jonathan Carpio